Application process

Application form

You are advised to send the completed Application form to the school organisers by May 17, 2016 in order to reserve your place in the Summer School. But please, do not hesitate to apply after the deadline. If any spots are available, we will inform you about your acceptance to the program even after the scheduled deadline.

Notice: All students who need a visa are advised to apply at least 3 months before the ISLS commencement. For more information please check VISA link in section General Information.

Confirmation letter/email

Within few days after submission of your Application form you will receive by email Confirmation letter with Your User ID (10 signs) and  Registration ID (4 signs) and with other relevant information.

Placement test

All participants (except of beginners and participants of Czech courses) are requested to take a placement test. Tests will be available in electronic form.
Entrance to the testing page is possible by using your User and Registration ID. These 2 numbers will be delivered to each registered student in the letter confirming his/her participation in the Summer School (see above).